Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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OHS Trophy

2004 North American Occupational Health and Safety Week

Small Business Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Valley Waste-Resource Management

The Valley Region Solid Waste-Resource Management Authority (Valley Waste-Resource Management) is committed to an effective Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) System that protects staff, property and equipment, and the public from accidental harm and damage. To achieve this, health and safety shall be integrated into all work activities.

At Valley Waste-Resource Management, we attach the greatest importance to the prevention of any form of loss. Our goal is to provide a workplace that is free of accidents, injuries, and occupational illness. To accomplish that, the management of this organization is strongly committed to operating in a spirit of consultation and co-operation with all employees. Our Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) plays a key role in this co-operative effort, and is actively supported.

Valley Waste-Resource Management will comply with the N.S. Occupational Health and Safety Act and all applicable regulations. As well, we will meet, and where possible, exceed industry standards for workplace health and safety.

Employees at every level are responsible and accountable for the health and safety of persons at our workplaces. Valley Waste-Resource Management is depending on all employees to accept their responsibilities in achieving our health and safety goals. We must all work together to identify hazards and opportunities for improvement. All employees are reminded that occupational health and safety attitudes and performance will be important criteria in evaluating job performance.

At Valley-Waste Resource Management, no other business activity is more important than the health and safety of our employees and the public we serve.

Andrew Wort
Andrew Wort, General Manager
Valley Region Solid Waste-Resource Management Authority

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