The provision of an equal level of service on a Region-wide basis based on the main goals of fiscal responsibility, social acceptance and environmental soundness.

The Valley Region, comprised of approximately 81,329 residents and 41,395 household and commercial units, has been divided into East and West service zones. It is the intent of the Authority to provide as many services as possible on a contractual basis utilizing the expertise of the private sector where possible.

The Valley Region Waste Management System

  • Sorting Waste at the Source. Businesses, institutions and residents are required to sort all waste into three categories: recyclables, compostables and garbage.
  • Collection. All waste-resources are collected on the same day, once every two weeks. There are collection limits. Click here for details
  • Management Centres. The Management Centres in Kentville and Lawrencetown accept all sorts of wastes, which are then transferred off-site for disposal or processing. The sites are open to the public and user fees apply.
  • Communication and Enforcement. Helping the public to understand and comply with the waste management system is essential to its success. The Regional Solid Waste Management Bylaw sets the rules, and communication initiatives like the annual waste management calendar and community outreach initiatives help to keep people in the know.

Why We Need This System

  • Disposal facilities in the Region closed and all efforts over the years to site a landfill failed;
  • As a community, the more we can reduce, reuse, recycle and compost the less we have to transport away for disposal. Waste reduction (through recycling, composting and other efforts) is the most economical solution for the Region as a whole;
  • We are mandated under Provincial Waste-Resource Management Regulations to keep banned material out of landfill (eg. recyclables and compostables);
  • Contractual agreements with receiving facilities (like the Chester Landfill) require us to exercise due diligence in the removal of "banned" materials from garbage. If contractual obligations are not met, we may be subject to penalties (i.e. paying higher disposal fees or having loads rejected outright);
  • To protect and conserve resources.

We Are Part of a Bigger Picture

The Nova Scotia government has set a target to reduce by 1/3 the amount of waste we send to landfill. That means a goal of 300kg/waste/person. The Valley Region is currently disposing of 341 kg/waste/person. Regions around the province are working to achieve that goal. To learn more about the provincial waste management strategy visit www.gov.ns.ca/enla/waste/ and www.DivertNS.ca

Valley Waste–Resource Management
The Municipalities of Kings, Annapolis Royal, Berwick, Kentville, Middleton and Wolfville:
Partners in Waste Reduction