Safety at Home

Be a Safety Champion at Home

Believe it or not but solid waste poses a serious health and safety risk for those who collect, sort and manage our materials. In fact, the collection, handling and processing of solid waste is one of the most dangerous professions in Canada and we need your help!

Why is managing waste so dangerous?

Collectors are working on the side of the road in high traffic areas and in all weather conditions. Workers have no idea what materials are hidden inside garbage and recycling bags. Needles, broken glass and chemicals are only a few of the dangers that they have to handle on a daily basis. Garbage, recycling and organics are handled extensively by many people after it leaves the curb – it is no longer thrown in a truck and buried in a hole.

Here are a few tips so that you can
Be a Safety Champion at Home!

  1. Cool ashes from your woodstove outside in a metal container until they are completely cool. Then dampen and place in clear garbage bag or sprinkle on your lawn for disposal.
  2. Broken glass, knives or anything else that can cut, jab or poke should be boxed and clearly labeled. Put box beside your bags or on top of your green cart for collection.
  3. Needles and lancets should never go in the garbage or recycling. They should be placed in a proper container and brought to Valley Waste free of charge. Call Valley Waste, 902-679-1327 or toll free, 1-877-923-8300 for details.
  4. Fluorescent bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs (aka CFL's) contain trace amounts of mercury and phosphorus dust. Bring old fluorescent bulbs to Valley Waste for free and let us safely dispose of them.
  5. Do you use a storage bin for your garbage? Help the curbside collectors by keeping it free of critters. Mice, rats, raccoons, skunks and hornets all pose hazards to collectors.
  6. Working on the road is down–right dangerous! So please be mindful of curbside collectors while driving. Slow down and only pass when safe to do so.
  7. Handle propane safely both at home and during disposal. Propane tanks, both large and small, are explosive and should be brought for FREE to Valley Waste for safe disposal. They cannot be collected during Clean–ups or regular collection.
  8. Using bleach on bags and bins to discourage pests can be harmful and dangerous to curbside collectors. Throw an old blanket over your bags instead!
  9. Dry medical waste goes in the garbage – not recycling or compost. To prevent injury by waste management staff, some medical waste needs special preparation before being thrown away. Call Valley Waste 902-679-1327 or toll free, 1-877-923-8300 for details.
  10. Household Hazardous Waste needs special disposal and should never go in recycling or garbage bags. Bring containers of hazardous waste for free to Valley Waste for special disposal.
  11. Have old ammunition to throw away? Dispose of it the proper way by taking live ammunition, fireworks or flares to any RCMP branch for disposal.
  12. Did you know each curbside collector picks up bags from hundreds of addresses per day? You can help by waiting until the morning to set-out bags and carts and ensuring they are clear of snow and ice.

We encourage everyone, young and old to help keep
our teams safe by being "A Safety Champion At Home"!

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