Inspection & Compliance

Waste-resources that are placed at roadside for curbside municipal collection and/or tipped at the Management Centres must meet provincial and municipal regulations. This means materials must be properly sorted and there can be no banned materials mixed in garbage.

Management Centres

Loads arriving at the Centres are randomly inspected. Non–compliant loads are subject to a penalty fee of $242.00/tonne or rejection.

General Inspection

Occurs on an on–going basis. As loads of material pass through the Management Centre, if a staff member notices banned materials in a load, the hauler will be notified and asked to communicate with the customer. If the problem is not corrected, VWRM staff will contact the generator. Wherever possible, providing information and assistance to the generator will be preferred over forms of enforcement such as higher tipping fees or revocation of tipping privileges.

Random Waste Screening

Using a system that randomly selects loads, VWRM may do a more thorough waste screen. In this case, an incoming load is redirected to a specific area on the tipping floor and carefully inspected.

Curbside Collection

Waste–resource inspection occurs daily by our collection contractor as well as our inspector. Non–complaint set–out materials are subject to rejection. Notices and educational materials may be distributed as a tool to encourage participation, however continuous non–compliance may result in ceased collection or penalties.

Valley Waste–Resource Management
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