Event Greening

Special Event Cart Loan–out Program

The Program:

To assist in the greening of local events, Valley Waste Resource Management offers a free loan–out service for sorting stations to any event in the valley region. These stations consist of three waste stream containers including compost (green), recycling (blue), and garbage (black). There are both indoor and outdoor containers to meet the needs of different types of events.

Program Particulars:

  1. Event carts are free of charge
  2. Each cart is provided with 1 complimentary bag (clear or blue)
  3. Additional bags can be purchased from local retailers (size 42 x 48)

Borrower’s Responsibilities:

  1. All waste generated at a given event is the responsibility of the event organizers and therefore must be disposed of by the event organizers including the recycling and compost.
  2. All special event carts must be emptied prior to return.
  3. Valley Waste Resource Management will not remove waste generated at any event.

Download Recycle Coach

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Waste Disposal:

There are three options to deal with waste generated at your event:

  1. Curbside: if your event takes place at a permanent, tax–paying dwelling (e.g. restaurant or community hall), then you are entitled to curbside pickup. PLEASE NOTE: there are curbside collection limits
  2. Management Centres: you can take the load yourself to either of our two Management Centres in Kentville or Lawrencetown.
  3. Haulers: you can also hire a private hauler to take your waste to the Management Centres for you. Feel free to contact us for a list of private haulers for both Kings and Annapolis County. If your hauler provides bins (i.e. dumpsters), please ensure that they provide you with enough bins to keep bags of recycling, compost and garbage separate from each other. All bags cannot go together in one bin.

Tips to reduce your waste:

  1. Whenever possible use reusable dishes and cutlery; otherwise use paper plates or napkins so they can be composted
  2. Provide milk, sugar and condiments in bulk containers
  3. Use compostable wooden stir sticks instead of plastic ones for coffee and tea
  4. Post signage that promotes proper sorting in food preparation and eating areas
  5. Encourage people to think by posting related facts and figures by garbage bins (e.g. a pop bottle takes 500 years to break down in a landfill)

Important Things to Remember:

  1. Place your sorting stations in high traffic areas to maximize their use
  2. Event organizers must ensure that any private vendor that is in operation at their event properly sorts their waste behind the counter
  3. Monitor the sorting stations as much as possible to prevent/reduce inappropriate use and possible contamination of the waste stream.

Download our Greening Your Special Event Guide.

Please remember to follow our Public Waste Policy

For more information, contact info@vwrm.com or call 902 679 1325.