Beach Waste and Litter Clean-ups

Washed Up and Wasted - Beach Waste on the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is the pride of the Valley with its unique tidal ebb and flow. However, the high tides also brings with it tonnes of beach waste which collects on its shores. With the help of numerous volunteers and groups, the beach waste is collected and disposed of to help keep our shores clean.

In the past few years, data has been collected by different collectors to show the environmental impact of the waste washed ashore. The image shown is based on Nova Scotia Beach Garbage Awareness data and photos.

Valley Waste has created a Beach Waste Report 2022 using data from a number of collectors to illustrate the impact of beach clean-ups.

If you wish to participate in a Beach Sweep, there are a couple of groups who organize regular clean-ups. Please contact them for dates and information.

Friends of Scots Bay Salt Marsh

Scotian Shores

Litter Clean-ups

Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program provides Nova Scotians with the opportunity to contribute to local communities by removing litter from roadsides or exit ramps. Essentially, adoption means that you have made the commitment to keep a section of roadway clean for a minimum of three years. Normally, this involves partaking in two clean-ups per year, one being in the spring and another happening in the Fall. After a group completes two clean-ups of their adopted route they can request signage, one sign being located at either end of the adopted route. After the three years are completed, you will have the choice to either renew your adoption or disband your group. You can also end your adoption commitment at any time.

The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up (GNSPMU) is Nova Scotia’s largest volunteer-driven community clean-up program, promoting litter clean-ups across the province.
In 2019 the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program took over the delivery of Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up Program from Clean.

The program provides supplies and support to participants (individuals, groups, businesses, schools) to carry out community-based litter clean-ups.

Before your clean-up, contact the Great NS Pick-Me-Up and receive free garbage bags.
If it’s a small litter clean-up that can fit within the garbage bag limit, set it out on regular collection day with a “litter pick-up” note on the bag.
Larger clean-ups have a few options by contacting Valley Waste and must be arranged ahead of time:

  1. Valley Waste may be able to collect the bags directly at the site of the clean-up
  2. Valley Waste can issue a tipping fee exemption to bring the bags to our site at no charge

Download our Beach Sweeps and Litter Clean-ups information sheet.