Education and Outreach

Helping you with waste reduction and diversion.

Valley Waste Education Opportunities

Meet our Education Team

Mercedes Herron
Education Coordinator
902 679 1325
Andrea Gibson-Garrett
Education Coordinator
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Debbie Roza-Mercier
Education Coordinator
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Kelsey Brydon-Withrow
Education Coordinator
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Educational Programs and Tours

  • Curriculum based materials.
  • Interactive site tours.
  • Free educational materials.
  • Waste Management education.
  • Customized presentations.

Planet Protectors 

A community waste management and environmental education program.

Grade 3 classes are invited to join our Planet Protector team! Planet Protectors is an on site tour program designed in partnership with Acadia University. By meeting our time traveling Captain Vortex students will learn about the soil cycle, decomposition, and what they can do to help reduce waste to better the planet!

Divert NS offers a library of free resources and activities including curriculum based lesson plans from P-Gr.6.

Valley Waste offers a number of educational opportunities for all ages. Download our Waste Education brochure for more information.


Helping Businesses with Waste Solutions

Valley Waste helped us research and locate sustainable packaging for our products. They continue to help us with reducing waste in our business, and answer questions about sustainability as we continue to grow. Janine Radul, General Manager, Petite Patrie Chocolate, Kentville

We are here to help! Our Education Team can offer:

  • Help with waste audits, and waste management;
  • Signage and sorting guides;
  • Staff education;
  • Online presentations;
  • Advice about sustainable packaging which could help reduce your waste and potentially save you money!
  • Tailor made presentations to suit your needs.

Our online presentations include:

Waste Management for New Businesses

Waste management is often the last thing people think about when opening the doors for a new business. There can be a lot of little steps that go into waste management, and we are here to help. We have developed a presentation to help you figure out what you might need.

Topics include:

  • ordering a green cart, tips and practices,
  • staff training
  • whether you'll need curbside collection or to hire a local hauler. Better waste management can help save you money. Bring samples of your products, and your questions, and we will be happy to answer them!

Waste Not, Want Not: Auditing Your Waste 101

Conducting annual waste audits can help create sustainable habits from both a personal and operational level. This presentation is a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a waste audit for your business, and how you can create a waste management plan.

Let us know the size of your business so we can better tailor the audit steps to suit your needs.

Site Tours

We also offer tours of our site which help businesses better understand where their waste goes after leaving curbside. Unfortunately, under the current restrictions tours have been put on hold but we hope they will resume in the near future. If you would be interested in participating in the future, please let us know and we can let you know when these resume.

If you would like us to present to your membership as a lunch and learn or otherwise, contact us at

Ongoing Projects

Valley Waste continues to work on a educational projects including the History of Waste and Washed Up & Wasted - Beach Sweeps and Litter Clean-ups, and other videos and resource Materials. Watch this page for updates!

Interested in our education opportunities?